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Everything you Need to Know About Moving House

Everything you Need to Know About Moving House

As exciting as finding your dream home is, the hard work begins once you set the moving date. There are so many things you need to prepare for, from booking the removal company months in advance to packing your moving day essentials kit ready for the big day.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done, so we have created a moving house timeline to keep you organized and help you tackle each step of the moving process one at a time.

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

Find a Removal Company that Suits You

Moving all your worldly possessions takes time and effort, and is one of the most stressful parts of moving house. To remedy this, hire a professional removal company to eliminate stress and minimize the risk of loss or damage to your items. Not only can they move your items to your new home, but many offer packing and dismantling services too.

Using https://www.comparemymove.com/ will allow you to compare removal companies and get the best price on the cost of hiring a removal company.

It’s usually a good idea to book a removal company as soon as you know your moving date, as they can be booked up months in advance. That said, before you choose a company, do your research and make sure they fit your criteria.

In general, you should pick a removal company which:

  • Agrees to a home survey before the move
  • Provides a comprehensive quotation
  • Has trained and uniformed staff
  • Is insured
  • Provides quality customer service

7 Weeks Before Moving Day

Organise and Declutter

Go through all of your items and be as vigilant as possible when deciding what to keep or throw away. To avoid waste, why not donate or sell your unwanted items? Getting rid of anything you don’t use or need anymore will not only lighten your load, but also give you more wardrobe and cupboard space in your new house.

Around this time, you should also buy packing materials such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap. However, many removal companies provide this for you.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

Inform the Right People

As exciting as moving house can be, it’s easy to forget everyone you need to notify of your change of address, other than your family and friends. This needs to be done in advance of moving day, so that records of your address are updated when you arrive at your new home.  If your children are changing schools, inform the staff that you will be moving as you will need copies of their school certificates and records. If you are looking for school places for your children, make sure you research the schools in your new area.

Here are some other things you need to do:

  • Redirect Your Mail
  • Tell Your GP
  • Inform Your Bank
  • Change Your Cars Address
  • Take Final Meter Readings
  • Change Details On Your Electoral Role
  • Move Your TV Licence
  • Change The Address of Your Deliveries

5-4 Weeks Before Moving

Organise Your Packing

Packing your non-essentials should be a priority at this point onwards. Any large furniture and other items you don’t urgently need can be packed away ready to be loaded on moving day. Try and store them somewhere where they will be out of the way.

If you are moving out of a rented property, you should also notify your landlord that you’re moving out by this point.

3 Weeks Before Moving

Use up Your Food

Moving a lot of food will add needless weight to the load you need to move, and may cause more of a mess if anything spills or breaks open. Try and use up all the food you can, and make sure there’s nothing left in your fridge or freezer by your moving date.

2 Weeks Before Moving

Finish Packing

At this point, you should pack up the last few items left inside the house. Go through each room, and make use of our packing hacks to make the process quicker and more efficient. Try and get rid of any waste that is taking up room in the house, like leftover cleaning supplies or paint.

Avoid packing your valuables with the rest of your items. Keep jewellery, important documents and passports with you so you can move them yourself on moving day.

1 Week Before Moving

Pack Your Moving Kit

Your essential moving day kit should be ready for your moving day. The kit will include everything you will need before and after you arrive at your new home. If you aren’t sure what is needed, here are some ideas:

  • Pillows and Bed Sheets
  • Alarm Clock
  • Towels and Toiletries
  • A Kettle, Mug, Coffee and Tea
  • Sandwiches
  • Paper Plates and Plastic Cutlery
  • Bin Liners
  • Portable Radio and Deck of Cards
  • Mini Toolbox

Confirm Dates & Times

Check with your removal company that the date and time they are arriving is correct, so moving day can go smoothly.

One Day Before Moving

Fridge and Freezer

Ensure your fridge and freezer are empty and defrosted. Do final checks to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. If you have, you could always donate any leftover food.

On Moving Day

Final Checks

Before you set off for your new home, do one final check around the house to be certain nothing is left behind and all the lights are switched off.

Hopefully this timeline has broken down the process of moving house and helped you enjoy a stress-free move.

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Posted: 29th September 2016

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