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Estate Agent going environmentally friendly

The summer is upon us and one of the leading Estate Agents in Bournemouth is going environmentally friendly with the scooter.

The Senior Partner at CLIFFTONS, James Scollard comments ‘The scooter is brilliant, it lifts the spirit, is fun, free, speedy, healthy and what makes the scooter slightly difference to the bicycle, it can fold up and be carried under one arm, upstairs, in lifts, on the tube or bus, with ease.

As anyone knows, dropping their children off at school, on the school run is a time to be avoided in the car. The scooter was a good solution, quicker than walking and not only does it cut down the school run traffic and congestion, my children are getting the exercise they need and more importantly they enjoy going on the scooter to school. So much so, I decided to join in.

I’ve lost some weight and saved money, its win, win. I’ve seen they have become very trendy in Australia and their popularity is increasing in London, easy to jump on and off the bus or tube.

I found I could travel one mile in eight minutes and it took ten minutes to travel home and six minutes in the car. Therefore, I decided to add the scooter to our fleet of vehicles for viewings close by, it’s handy to fold up and go up in the lift or leave in a porch. Short car journeys use disproportionate petrol or diesel because the engine does not warm up enough to burn fuel efficiently.

Although, the staff seem less keen. I have explained, I’ve put the ‘oo’ back into cool and no need to be shy but it seems they are too cool for scooter school.’
Now the summer sunshine has arrived, it’s an ideal time.

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Posted: 4th June 2016

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