Electrical Installation Condition Reports - EICR's On 1st July 2020, it will be a legal requirement for all Landlords with new tenancies to have a Landlord Safety Test for the electrics. If its a property that is rented out, an Electrical Condition ... read more »
If you are named in a will as an executor, this guide will provide some useful information and guidance on selling a probate property and responsibilities and duties placed upon you. It is up to you to organise the valuation of the assets of an estat... read more »
Leasehold / Freehold Information Sheet ** This  is not meant to describe or give a full interpretation of the law, nor does it cover every case. **   Legal Tenure of Property. Freehold, Leasehold, Share of Freehold, Lease Extensions &... read more »
We work with the U.K’s main Property Corporate Asset Management Companies representing their clients for repossessions, probates, part exchanges, drive-by and formal valuations and also, directly for large blue chip com... read more »
There are a lot of people asking me what is going to happen in the property market and to predict house prices. Whilst I like doing this for fun, no one knows. However, we can look at the immediate history and calculate relatively well the next six ... read more »
This is a picture of our office in 1870. Our office is the corner on the left hand side. In 1870, just behind the horse and cart is ‘Oxford Riding Academy’ – Obviously the car was not invented or around in 1870, hard to believ... read more »
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