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It usually takes around 20 seconds for a buyer to decide whether they like your home after walking into it. So, if you’re looking to sell up, creating a ‘wow factor’ when you walk through the door is great but making the most of your home is essential. The idea is to try and make your property stand out from the crowd.

Secret 1 – Presentation – So many people ignore this but property professionals, like new home builders or developers spend tens of thousands to create a ‘Show Home’. They do this because one, they will achieve the best possible price and two, they will sell in the fastest possible time. Try to look at each individual room in your property, is this the very best the room can look? Does in need a clean? Or de-clutter?

Secret 2 – Windows – Every buyer will look out the windows to see the view. Clean the windows. If you have double glazing and the seal has gone, have them changed. Its a lot cheaper than you think (I use a local family run firm: W. E. Cox & Sons in Charminster). Clean all black mould and check out the window sills just outside.

Secret 3 – Hallway & Landings –De-clutter. This is the most important room in the house, a buyer will enter this room maybe six times going from one room to another. This will be the first and last impression of the property. Maybe spruce up the décor and replace the thread worn carpets might be cheaper than you think. Sometimes the hall can be cramped and full of trainers, prams, bikes. A mirror on either side of the wall can magically make it seem bigger.

Secret 4 – Front & Rear Garden – Kerl Appeal is so important and the front garden / driveway is crucial. Also, if you live in a block of flats and the communal area is unloved speak to the managing agents. If this is unsuccessful, when I have owned apartments in the past, I have taken time off and have painted the communal areas to make them look fresh again.

Equally, your rear garden or balcony is like another room and people will imagine themselves  with a nice patio set with a glass of red watching the sunset in your garden on a warm summers evening. If you are selling where parking is a premium, like in a Town Centre, a parking space can add an extra £10k-£15k (Article written 2016).

Secret 5 – Bathrooms & Kitchens – Keep it simple. You don’t need to do a lot in the bathroom. A set of new taps, new shower curtain, re-do the sealant, paint the ceiling, new shower head maybe. This will really help to add value to your home. The kitchen, take down the cereal boxes, wine bottles, empty boxes, fruit blender or anything else on top of the wall units. A kitchen or bathroom can be the showpiece of the home, a real wow factor. However, its not normally worth putting in a brand new kitchen when selling. You just need to concentrate on making it look good to the eye.

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