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EU – In or Out ?

EU – In or Out

Some people are firmly IN, others are firmly OUT and there are lots of people unsure. Here is my take on it.

Three years ago, I was in Poland, with a large group of Polish, some Croatian and Germans and I was the only Brit at this very large table. I was sat next to a friendly German chap discussing the European Union, along with lots of Vodka and whilst most of the evening was misty, this conversation stuck with me. He said ‘The EU is an ongoing project, for the people to become full EU citizens and eventually will have a ‘United States of Europe’.

If you believe in a ‘United States of Europe’ then you should vote to remain. If you believe its in the interests of Britain to be a subservient state, vote remain. Most of the countries have lost their currency, Deutsche Mark and French franc, to now have the Euro and the ultimate goal is for countries currently outside of the Euro, to join the Euro in the future and have one large controlling entity.

There is risk if we leave, and risk if we stay in. The question is not about risk, the question is, what option will give us the best opportunity to prosper, better ourselves and our country?

Will everything remain the same as it is now, if we vote to remain? Most certain not. The vision and goal is to create a single Political Union with the same laws throughout the EU.

The point is, the leave group are complaining about losing sovereignty in the UK, the right to make our own laws and control our own country but that’s not the point of Europe. The point of Europe is to make it uniform throughout, to firstly be a ‘EU Citizen’ and secondly a British Citizen. Like America, the people are firstly American citizens and then secondly, Alabama citizens. By choosing to remain in the EU, we are choosing firstly to be an EU citizen.

So that’s an overview. Next, it’s a question of looking at the main areas of discussion.

Free movement of people / Immigration – As a ‘United States of Europe’, people can travel freely from one state to another. The German Finance minister, Wolfgang Schauble, said on the Andrew Marr show on 6th March 2016, ‘Germany has doubts whether Turkey should be a full member of the EU but this is a question for the coming years.’ Its clear Turkey wants to join and there are advantages to the EU. The fact Turkey has 70 million people, many more than Poland or the 19 million in Romania means we can look forward to a massive increase in immigration for the future being in the EU with no borders. It’s mainly a Muslim and Arabic country and will make Britain more diverse, with a much higher immigration level than we have today. Therefore, if you believe more immigration is needed, then vote remain in the EU. (This is not to be confused with Asylum because I agree with Asylum and for a Syrian family to leave their home and all their possessions to walk hundreds of miles with a baby or young children, on a boat, sleeping in a tent to be met with barbed wire and refused entry is a disgrace and these families in real need, need our help. This is completely different to Immigration.)

Trade – Britain is the 5th largest economy is the world and doing better than most. The UK is now not allowed to make Trade deals with the rest of the world, the UK is forbidden under EU law. So who is in the better position? Britain or the EU commission? Vote ‘Remain’, if you think it’s the EU commission who now make all trade deals and with a 3.6% made up of British interests, they have the sole responsibility of Trade agreements affecting Britain. I know what you’re thinking, Britain is too small with 64 million people but Iceland with 400 thousand people have made Trade deals with China and other emerging markets around the world, so it is more than possible Britain is capable.

Another argument is Britain will not be able to trade as well outside of the EU and even David Cameron said, to trade with EU, Norway and Switzerland still have to accept the ‘Free Movement of people’. However, in Germany, France is their biggest trading partner followed by America and then in 3rd place is the UK. Does America have to accept the free movement of people? or pay into the EU budget to trade in the EU? Of course not, and yet they are the second biggest trade partner for Germany. The real question is, if Britain votes to leave and are now outside of the EU, does Germany still want to sell BOSH appliances or their BMW cars in the UK? Then in my view, a trade agreement would appear straight forward and in the interests of both countries, this applies to all in UK. Lets face it, which country in the EU does not want to do business with the 5th largest economy in the World?

In the future, is Europe the next big growth area of the world? Or are there other countries around the world, Britain would want to freely trade with. Currently, we are not allowed. We have to rely on the EU commission to make all our trade deals. Can we ignore the rest of the world? Is this good for Britain? Is this good for our future Britain being restricted? Is the economy global or European?

If we choose to remain in the EU, will it mean we can obtain reform and co-operation in the future? David Cameron nearly had 28 countries agree on certain changes he wanted to implement, in the interests of the UK, and for the British people, the fact all 28 countries couldn’t agree, doesn’t mean this will always be the case, or does it? How hard has it been for our Prime Minster to travel around Europe seeing 28 Prime Ministers / Presidents, to ask their permission and agreement – they still said no.

When the Euro was launched, many politicians and bosses of PLC companies said Britain would be isolated if we didn’t lose the pound and embrace the Euro, maybe this time round they might be right, it doesn’t matter they got it wrong before or maybe they are simply wrong again.

Our growth areas are education and financial services. The financial services brings in billions and today in the EU, British financial institutions are still blocked and barred in certain financial areas in Germany and France from free trading in their financial markets, let’s face it 30 years in the EU is clearly not enough time to sort that out.

In conclusion, we are restricted by red tape and bureaucracy in law and trade. We are now controlled. We can’t do what we want to do. We can’t trade in high growth areas around the world, to make our own trade deals, for Britain to prosper and develop.

Its higher risk to remain in the EU. High risk because we do not have control over our borders, we cannot plan the number of people entering the country, to budget for our school systems, demand on NHS and infrastructure we have today.

Vote REMAIN – If you want to be an EU citizen, to be a state of Europe, to let Europe have control over our borders, our laws and governance. Choose REMAIN, if you want Britain to be wrapped in chains, told what to do and how to do it. You are not allowed to make your own Trade deals, you are not allowed to run your business or life in this way, its needs to be the same as EU. You are not allowed to undercut or be more competitive than European businesses. If you like a much bigger government made up of lots of foreigners and unelected ministers, if you like a being controlled and told what to do, if you think Greek officials have your interests in mind, vote REMAIN.

Vote LEAVE – If you want to be a British citizen first, and second to be a member of the EU. Vote LEAVE if you do not want to be a subservient country. Vote LEAVE to have control.

I vote to LEAVE … To have FREEDOM.

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Posted: 7th March 2016

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