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EU Hangover – What Next?

I know everyone has had enough for this referendum, all the EU articles are a little boring now, listening to everyone’s opinion and trying to decide on the biggest question of our time but this is just the beginning and we now need to work together to decide what we are going to do.

David Cameron stood on the white cliffs of Dover waving to the people of Britain, proudly announcing, like a peacock, the reforms he was going to achieve in the EU. Reforms that were in the British Interests of the people and Nation. We then watched our Prime Minster run around Europe and waited. (A real leader would have made no announcement and had a quiet word in the ears of leaders without the media). He came back a failure. He came back to the people with some second rate concessions but actually they were really quite good. I asked people during the referendum: Do you know what reforms our PM gained? No one had a clue. This was another mistake, he promoted the strap line, ‘Stronger, safer and better off’ – but Why? This is what the people wanted to know.

In my heart, I wanted the result to be 52% remain and 48% leave to send a clear message, we are not happy. I understand more now ‘The Prime Minster is the boss and the unelected commissioners are the managers, the PM cannot be in Brussels but needs a manager to act for Britain.’

Immigration, politicians and media think the problem is immigration, due to the leave campaign turning toxic in the latter part of the debate. It’s not. It’s about the control of immigration. You cannot have a rising population and circ. 380,000 immigrants per annum and only build 182,000 new homes per annum. The fact is, our infrastructure is not keeping up with people. Pressure on housing, doctors, school places. We need to control the flow of people.

I am a descendant of an immigrant, Irish. When the Irish came over to build our motorways in this country, the signs on the bed and breakfasts said, ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish’. The Irish were below dogs. The high immigration in the 1970’s of people from India and Pakistan and the abuse of ‘Paki’ they received. Now, the Polish. The reason the council estates had a high turnout of 80% to vote leave is because they have been affected the most, the majority being tradesman and competition this added to their businesses. Society needs time. It needs time to adapt and integrate.

I married a polish woman and have three beautiful children, she is the most beautiful, intelligent (studying for her PHD), hard working person I know. I work hard, I work six days a week, I’ve set up six businesses, two of which have over a million pound turnover, one of which was directly set up on the back of an EU directive. I still don’t work as hard as she does. A mother of three children, working seven days a week and studying for a PHD. She feels betrayed, she has worked here ten years, starting off as a carer, cleaning peoples shit. The jobs people in Britain don’t want to do and is now being unloved, unwanted, angry, upset and betrayed. She wants to leave and go back to Poland.

This referendum has split the country, classes, ages, friends and families and I want to say to all immigrants and to the friends in Europe, you are our friends and family, we love you, we want you and please bear with us, while we sort this mess out. To the immigrants living in the UK, we want you, you are contributing to our society and an integral part of this country and in my case, I love you.

So, why did I vote ‘Out’? I really wanted to vote remain and in the morning on the way to the voting station, I heard the comments from Juncker from the day before. ‘Britain if you vote to stay in, you are not getting any more reforms or concessions, that’s it for you’. My opinion was, you arrogant, pig headed, conceited, bully and voted out. Juncker, you offered me a bum deal, followed by threats. – YOU ARE FIRED.

My wife was angry I supported the side of Farge, this is the direct opposite. There are far right and middle right groups popping up in Britain, Britain First, BNP, UKIP and across Europe. Vote ‘Leave’ makes UKIP redundant and pointless, there is no need for the likes of Farage. The danger comes when the masses or majority get behind a Nationist party (like UKIP) and then the leader changes to a more radical leader, maybe anti-semetic leader and history repeats. Just look at the SNP, they lost and gained strength and support. There is a lack of trust & accountability in the EU and this breeds corruption. These policies breed xenophobia and intolerance and whilst there is a foreigner to blame, the more Farages are going to pop up.

I’m not alone, there isn’t any jubilation celebrating by anyone that I can see. We have won and we have lost. The leave campaign took the communities that felt swamped by immigrants and used this as easy pickings to gain an advantage. We need to work closer with all parts of the UK, not just Westminster but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

I believe the people of Britain want to work closely with the people in Europe. I would like to see the countries that want the EU and a federation, a United States of Europe (USE) and one currency the Euro to work together and bring about this dream. For Britain and other nations that want to keep their politicians accountable and governed from the capital, to set up a new EU, maybe UE – United Europe.

A United Europe – UE, that works closely together with free trade and European Arrest Warrants, Passenger name Records to make Europe secure from crime and terrorism. Britain wants Europe to be successful and dramatically increase economic growth across Europe, not just the UK, (This will naturally reduce immigration, even reverse, if there are more jobs on the continent.) There is still a strong place for Britain and voice, to show leadership in Europe. (Britain led the way in Turkey helping to reduce the migrants drowning on the boats, Germany opened the door wider, France is just obstructive and sometimes better to just sit back down.) Both sides agree on remain and leave, we need to continue to have a free trade agreement with the EU, better for Britain, better for Europe.

What Next?

I would like our new Prime Minster to set up a ‘Department for EU transitional Affairs’ to concentrate on making sure we rebuild our bridges with the EU, to make clear, we wish to remain partners with the EU, to offer the people of Europe a membership of the EU to the ‘United States of Europe’ with closer integration with the Euro, a dream of one large state OR membership of the UE, ‘United Europe’ where the people have a trade only membership and security and other minor issues (not Political Union). I would even agree to free movement of people but can control/block/ stem the flow from new countries joining so we are not flooded with Turkish people or other joining nations. There needs to be control but that does not mean closed.

We need to be decisive, firm and have strong leadership going forward. We cannot let negotiations with Europe ‘take their course’ – we need to lead negotiations in Europe.

The time for compromise and negotiation is over, we have made our position clear. We no longer want to hear the sound of Brussels telling us what we can and can’t do. We are in the driving seat and wanted to ‘take back control’, well we have it. All of Europe is now waiting for us.

All EU law and judgments of the European Court of Justice will now revert back to the British High Courts. We take back our financial affairs, leaving the European Central Bank and take no further part in the inevitable future bail-out schemes. We take back control of our seas, the boundary line of UK territory waters should revert back to 1972. We gain control and ownership of our fishing, hydrocarbon and mineral resources. We have a bonfire of red tape with radical reform. We take out EU agricultural subsidies replacing them with British subsidies supporting our farmers but not the absurd payments to farmers for ‘not rearing pigs’ and ‘not rearing cows’ and tradable carbon credits for not polluting with harmful methane gases and having empty fields, money for ‘not farming’, keeping land for the sake of land.

We need to headhunt international executives with experience for negotiating trade deals (seeing as we left this to the EU with a 3.6% British Interest) our trade deals will be stronger for Britain. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to align the current EU trade deals with South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway to have swift, quick action in similar carbon copied UK trade agreements and can start the process of bi-lateral agreements with India and China and other nations the EU has failed to make agreements with.

Without the Heavy EU regulatory burdens and chains, our markets will open up. A UK free trade nation, a magnet for global investment. A weaker pound, our manufacturing industry will boom, British companies will expand and the repercussions are a stronger workforce, higher wages and lower taxes. Markets will rebound and some.

In conclusion, I think I would like to see Theresa May step up, she has the political experience, the confidence, is intelligent and smart and well respected in this country and abroad. However, whoever steps up, they need to be a strong leader and lead the way. Boris Johnson should be in the cabinet and probably head up ‘Department for EU transitional Affairs’ or Prime Minster, he is highly intelligent and partly responsible for leaving, it’s just his clown image that might hold him back.

This has been a lot of heart ache, anger, stress, worry but this is an opportunity. We need to come together, shake hands with the people around us, lead from the front, lead Britain and lead Europe.

Our European friends and family need our love & support, this is a vote against the EU, not Europe.

This is a vote for control, we are not closing the door, we are opening the door

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Posted: 25th June 2016

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